Formerly D.Campbells Rabbitry: ARBA member since November 14, 2011 and ARBA registered rabbitry since June 2, 2015.

  Black Watch Sabhal Coineanach

Breeder of Silver Fox Rabbits since March featuring chocolates and top-quality albinos.

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Thanks for checking out D.Campbells Rabbitry!  I'm setting this up to hopefully ensure that anybody who is interested in asking me questions can do so in a friendly setting, and so that they can also share their knowledge with each other.  :)

However, I'm new to this whole FB application linked to the website page thing, so there may be difficulties with it.  Please bear with me.  :|

Now, if everything does work right, there are a few rules:

1. Photos should be appropriate and pertinent to the subject matter of the website.  I don't want my blog cluttered with material people didn't come here to see, or with anything which may be found offensive to anyone.  Off-topic material will result in a warning, and offensive material will result in people being banned.  Note that these ARE rabbits, so anything pertaining to the nature of rabbits will be allowed, since this site is geared toward making breeders welcome.  :)

2. No spamming.  Spammers will be immediately banned from membership.

3. Play it is understandable that life happens, and therefore drama, but sniping, accusatory or derogatory statements, and defamation of character are unacceptable.  All such posts or comments will be deleted, and anybody who persists in such behavior will be banned.

4. This is a setting designed to let breeders correspond and share their knowledge, methods, and information...this is not intended to be the sole source on rabbit raising, nor is it intended to be a place to express their varying opinions of my rabbitry or anyone else's.  So while members may give names when making references and recommendations, gossip will not be tolerated.  Also, while warnings to other breeders will be allowed, they must be confined to things that can be proven, with solid disclaimers if evidence isn't conclusive.  Misinformation will not be accepted here.

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