Formerly D.Campbells Rabbitry: ARBA member since November 14, 2011 and ARBA registered rabbitry since June 2, 2015.

  Black Watch Sabhal Coineanach

Breeder of Silver Fox Rabbits since March featuring chocolates and top-quality albinos.

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This website is currently under construction to improve its informative aspects.  Please bear with me until I can complete it, and thank you for your patience!

Welcome to Black Watch Sabhal Coineanach Rabbitry!  The name reflects my more Celtic heritage, consisting of the name of a tartan associated with the Campbell clan combined with Gaelic (pronunciation: Sabhal Coineanach) for "rabbits' barn."  Registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association, my rabbitry is home of the D.Campbells bloodline, just with a new name.

My debut with rabbits was January 1, 2009, when my family came home with an American Chinchilla buck, a breed I would later pursue on my own, and a Giant Chinchilla doe.  Originally, it was only going to be an unpedigreed backyard breeding operation.  About a year after we came home with four Silver Foxes, a buck and three does, that same March, however, everything changed, and I embarked on a journey to a fully pedigreed and show quality herd.

Originally named D.Campbells Rabbitry, the herd experienced many ups and downs, both in the Silver Fox community and in the barn.  The stories which circulate about the rabbitry history are all over the board, and range from vilifying to, perhaps, overly romanticized.  I am the third story in the equation, but now that I am more seasoned, I prefer embracing the amusement of listening to the various accounts over debating them, as I would have done at one time, particularly in the case of opinions which will likely never be changed.

Although I have not sold animals in quite some time and have been rather silent due to a preoccupation with college, the herd is now becoming active again.  With a few new additions and slight expansion in the works, I am preparing to once again participate in the community. I have not allowed my ARBA membership to expire, and I carry high hopes I may soon be reappearing in the show room sometime in 2017.
Customers: Please scroll down and read my sales policy, located below the contact form before making purchases.  If you buy an animal for me, I make that sale on the assumption you have read my policy, no exceptions.  If for any reason you are unable to read or understand it, remember that I hold the customer responsible for asking questions.

That being said, I have much to do to be ready, but I will likely have some animals available in the near future.  Although my willingness to assist and educate new breeders remains the same, however, my animals will be expensive for the simple reason I will no longer be selling anything of a lesser quality than I am prepared to keep.  This means my prices will be non-negotiable, and the animals I will have to offer will likely be no less than four months old.

A number of learning experiences have taught me a few things I intend not to forget, and in response, I have raised my standards.  I still cling to my old methods of preventing barn blindness, such as challenging myself to find at least three things I do not like about a given animal or to only select a maximum of 5% of bucks and 25% of does born as future breeding animals.  I will never deny I have made mistakes in the past, but I will happily share what I have learned from them so others don't have to repeat them.  Explore my site, and enjoy!

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D.Campbells Sales Policy

I value my customers and my relationship with them, but as with all relationships, things have their rough moments.  So I have rules regarding the sale of animals and update them as necessary.  The following covers them.  If you have purchased animals from me before, please review this carefully, because I have made some changes.  My previous policy involved taking all the responsibility on myself, and I realized after several situations gone wrong that such an approach did not work; I still take responsibility for what I can control, but keep in mind I now hold buyers responsible for part of the process.  If you do not wish to accept that responsibility, please do not proceed with any purchases.

All animals are health inspected upon leaving or entering the premises.  I reserve the right to withhold and / or swap out a sales animal that fails to pass examination or refuse a trade or a doe brought for a breeding to one of my bucks on the same grounds; HOWEVER, customers are notified of my expectation that they know the risks of purchasing live animals before they commit.  I will gladly answer any questions regarding this subject, so there is no need for any customer to remain uninformed.  Domestic rabbits are prey animals and not as easy to raise as some people seem to take on the responsibility of caring for one is apt to invite failure unless the new or prospective owner takes the time to first learn about them.  Also, I as a breeder only have control over what is in my herd; I have no control over anything which leaves my herd.  I can only promise honesty about the history of an animal; I cannot promise temperament, show wins, mothering ability, litter sizes, growth rates, quality of offspring, unknown genetics, or even general compatibility with your barn.  Therefore, exchanges or, in extreme cases, refunds, will be based on a personal decision that a given situation mandates offering compensation is, quite simply, the right thing to do.  You may ask, but I may say no, and even if I do say yes, please remember I am a full time college student with a maximum work study allowance of 20 hours per week at minimum wage, and therefore refunds will likely be delayed depending on the current cost of proper care for my herd and my basic living expenses (rent, bills, and groceries).  You should not only know the risks, but please read my site to learn about my housing and feeding arrangements; as breeders, we breed to our feed and the environment in which our animals live, and new additions may not be suitable to a dramatically different living arrangement.  This is especially true of my Silver Fox herd, some lines of which have been in my herd long enough for my originals to have been great grandparents of an animal's great grandparents.

PLEASE NOTE: Sadly, I have had people defame me online rather than contacting me privately if they have any problems with my rabbits to seek out a resolution.  And I have others who have failed to respect my decisions and done the same.  Therefore, I have placed a new rule into effect: Anyone who does not come to ME directly with a problem and deal with it in private circumstances nullifies their right to any replacement, refund, or exchange I would have normally extended willingly and should remember that blackmail has never worked on me, so such efforts are futile.  If I refuse you, and you publicly vilify me for not agreeing to your preferred resolution, please keep in mind I will not forget, and will be reminding you if you ever return to buy anything in the future that I am a very bad and unethical breeder with lousy bloodlines and poor quality animals, and you do not want anything from me, even if you have just witnessed me winning Best in Show.

Please keep in mind...I check all animals for sale to be sure they do not have DQ's.  However, I am not a perfect person, and it is possible for me to miss something.  If you pick up in person, please inspect the animal you are purchasing.  If I send it with transport and you find something you think would get the animal disqualified from shows, feel free to email me pics, and I'll check my Standard of Perfection (unless I already know for sure you are right), and look into a replacement.  Damage sustained after it leaves my hands do not qualify.  If you have brought a doe to my place to make use of one of my bucks, you are welcome to inspect him, as well.  If more than one person receives services to that buck, I have a rule that there must be a 30 day isolation period between those people to minimize risk to their herds, but that doesn't guarantee that nothing could slip past me.

My prices are largely based on quality of the animal or litter, combined with the quality of the pedigree and lines.  Therefore, all animals sold are required to be a minimum of 4 months (roughly 18 weeks) old, and I may even delay the sale of a junior until it is as old as 5 or 6 months (at which point, of course, it is no longer a junior).  For those of you who are waiting on upcoming litters, I appreciate your patience.

If the animal you want is currently available, but you will not be able to pick it up for a few weeks, ask me about a deposit to hold it.  I will give a person who has requested an animal a week or so to send me a Pay Pal payment or money order, depending on location, with the rabbit marked as pending.  Please keep in contact during this time if you really want the animal, as I will be more patient with people who keep me updated.  Customers may speak to me about progressive payments where expensive animals are involved; I am always open to considering the release of the animal for a partial upfront payment.  The one rule is that you will receive the pedigree when you finish paying me.  Just remember that I have limited cage space, and therefore cannot hold an animal forever, even with a deposit.  If I know I cannot hold the animal as long as you ask, I will not accept any money whatsoever.  If I do take the deposit and cannot hold it as long due to unforeseen circumstances, you are entitled to an alternative of equal or better quality.  Please do NOT try to send me deposits on animals that have not been born or reached acceptable sales age.  I consider arrangements like this both excessively risky and extremely unethical and will not intentionally agree to it.

Pedigrees will be sent to customers as an email or Facebook message link, or by snail mail where I cannot hand them over personally.  I feel that it is responsible to handle my paperwork directly as much as possible, especially where the animal you are to receive is already pre-determined.  If the animal is not tattooed, please bear with me; also, please note that I had a rough move and a catastrophic computer crash which have forced me to rebuild my records from paper pedigree files.  I consider the process of tattooing to be stressful on the animal, and if I have not had a chance to do it prior to the sale, I may settle for writing it in the ear with permanent marker, provided the situation renders that an acceptable alternative.  This is because I consider it unprofessional to unnecessarily add an extra stress factor to an animal going to a new home, as that can minimize the rabbit's ability to transition properly.  Rabbitry policy now requires that all pedigrees feature the genotype for the color to reveal any known factors which seem to be carried in lines.  This means I'm also reviewing records to determine if I found any anomalies without realizing it early on, before I had any understanding of coat color genetics.  Most of these were probably found when I crossed my purebreds to produce freezer camp bunnies, and that is how I can verify their existence.

Sorry, I do not ship rabbits.  It's inhumane, unethical, and - in some cases - illegal.  However, I do often transport rabbits under the care of one or more qualified breeders.  These are often people handpicked by me because I have determined them to be reliable and trustworthy with the animals.  This has permitted me to send rabbits all over the nation without even going far myself.  If you are interested in receiving animals through such manner, please let me know, and we can begin to search for transport and plan a way for the animal to come to you...something that will be most possible around the time of the breed's nationals, the Ohio State Mini Convention, or the annual American Rabbit Breeders Association Convention in the fall, when breeders from all over are traveling.  You are also welcome to choose your own transport; however, keep in mind you are likely trusting someone I do not know at that point, and I take no responsibility for anything which happens enroute.  Furthermore, if the transport is one of my choice, I hold them responsible for both proper care and for making it to any pre-scheduled rendezvous, barring severe weather, vehicle issues, or any other unforeseen situations.  This is not a UPS shipping program, however, so I do not guarantee drop-off times; if the transport chooses to do so, that is their decision.

If I am the one offering transport, I do not charge for my own animals; however, I do charge for other people's animals.  Under no circumstances will I transport anything which fails health inspection prior to leaving the rendezvous point, nor will it be allowed in the transport vehicle without inspection.  Transport is $25 for a single animal, $20 apiece for two, $15 apiece for three or four, and $10 apiece for additional rabbits beyond the first four.  Payment for transport must be received in advance of pickup, and is nonrefundable, because I firmly believe the breeder is responsible for reimbursing the customer in the event the animal fails inspection; this applies when I am the seller, as well.  All customers must provide name, ear number(s), breed, and color of animals being transported (so I know I have the correct ones, and I must be notified of any changes), a phone number, and the preferred backup means of contact; all breeders must provide the same information and some feed for travel, and any pedigrees must be sent in a sealed and signed envelope.  I will NOT be responsible for the transport of cash or other forms of payment between the buyer and seller; that should already have been addressed by the time I transport.  Maximum waiting time at any meeting location without contact is 30 minutes; maximum waiting time with contact is 1 hour (I will be sure to bring a book).  I will plan for the maximum amount of time in my transport schedule, but I will ONLY make exceptions for if I am at a show, because being late is discourteous to my other customers.  I will do my best to be on time, or within 15 minutes of any scheduled meeting time; if I cannot be on time, I will contact whoever I am meeting as soon as I know I am going to be late.

Stud services involve a deposit equal to the replacement value of the buck.  One fee covers up to 3 does.  The deposit will be held for 30 days, at which point 50% will be refunded if his health is still intact.  Retries on the same doe if she does not take are free.  Under certain circumstances, stud service may be free to does I bred or their daughters; I will notify you if this is an option.

All this being said, I consider myself to be responsible to be available to answer any questions a customer may ask.  Therefore, please contact me at any time if you have any.  Thank you.